Mt. Princeton (14,197 ft) - Third time's a charm

After being chased off the peak twice due to poor weather, Lisa and I had finally decided to tackle Princeton for a third time - this time to summit! Unlike our previous two attempts, we were determined to start early (6am - earlier than we'd started in the past) and get to the top. Of course - it's all a function of weather, and thankfully there was not a cloud in the sky most of the morning. We ran into another pair of hikers as we first started off, but quickly out paced them on our ascent, leaving the mountain entirely to us. We spent 45 minutes relaxing on the summit and didn't see another soul until about 11am, as we passed a few people heading towards the summit. Mostly, this hike was an excuse for Brian to play with his new camera but it was a pleasant day on the mountain.