An attempt on Tabeguache Peak (14,156 ft) and Mt. Antero (14,269 ft)

Our goal from the exciting drive over the shoulder of Mt. Antero (see the previous set of photos) was done for the purpose of camping and climbing three peaks: Tabaguache and Shavano in one day, and Antero the next. The weather, however, wasn't too cooperative. It poured the first night, and the morning we were to do Tabeguache, the weather just didn't look so good, so we scrubbed it for the day - or so we thought. After sitting around camp all day fighting the mosquitos (and watching the weather do nothing) we decided at 2:45pm that Tabeguache just wasn't going to climb itself. Foolishly, we began to tackle the mountain. After a few hours, Lisa and I turned back - I didn't trust the clouds. Brad and Shari continued on, managing to summit in the early evening, returning to camp after dark. The next day, we tackled Mt. Antero - a mountain known for its aquamarines - one of two places in the world where they can be found.