A Second Attempt to Climb Mt. Princeton

After a failed attempt to climb Mt. Princeton last September, Lonny, Lisa, and I decided we wanted to tackle it again. Joining us this time also was Tracy. Unfortunately, the weather was, once again, uncooperative. We made it up to about the same spot we turned back last year (about 13,400 ft) when it started to rain on us - which was shortly followed by lightning. This, of course, led to a rather hasty retreat back down the mountain, defeated and disappointed. The hike, however, was not a total loss, as we encountered a lemonade stand at tree line, and entertainment in the form of a large truck that had slipped off the side of the road, which was now getting towed back onto the road surface. Thankfully, I captured a video of the excitement (it was far more exciting watching it in person - trust me).