Backpacking to Upper Cataract Lake

It had been 12 years since Lisa and I had gone backpacking, so we decided to head back to Eagles Nest Wilderness (the last place we'd gone was Booth Lake in Eagles Nest Wilderness), but this time we hiked to Upper Cataract Lake. This lake is up above Green Mountain Reservoir and was a 5.5 mile 2,500 ft climb, but was nestled just below Eagles Nest Peak on the north end of the wilderness.

Campsites were still limited due to the amount of lingering snow, and the extra moisture this summer led to more mosquitos than I've ever seen anywhere (we felt like Pigpen from Peanuts with a cloud of mosquitos around us at all times), but the trip was amazing. We were even (rudely) awakened by two goats that decided to explore our camp site at 1am, 3am, and 5am - but thankfully they left everything exactly as they found it.

We hiked to Mirror Lake (about 2 miles away) the following day, but was limited in our exploration due to snow and high water making crossing the creek impossible - but it was still a great and beautiful day hike.