Backpacking in the Oh-Be-Joyful Valley

Lisa and I wanted to go backpacking over 4th of July weekend, so we turned to the most spectacular place in Colorado: Crested Butte. I'd settled on the Raggeds Wilderness as our location, but picking a trail was problematic. After numerous books and web searches, I decided that we should start at the Oh-Be-Joyful trailhead, hike in about 6 miles to below Oh-Be-Joyful pass (and Blue Lake), camp, then the next day hike over an unnamed pass into Peeler Basin, following the trail down to Gunsight Pass road and back out to the car. It was an aggressive 17 mile loop (6 miles on day 1, 11 on day 2), but it was spectacular! The wildflowers were not yet at peak (unfortunately) but the surrounding glacial valleys (with the lush green colors and countless waterfalls) were amazing. You really can't go wrong in the Raggeds as far as I'm concerned!