The Haute Route - Part 2 (Arolla to Zermatt)

This second set of photos from our Haute Route hike contains the last 4 days of hiking from Arolla to Zermatt. The views became increasingly dramatic, but the weather turned on us a bit tapering some of the views. As with the first 5 days, the hike continued up and over ridges, traipsing from one valley to the next. One night was spent in a wonderful cabane perched high above a glacier, other nights in small agrarian towns before completing in Zermatt - a mecca for hikers and skiers alike! Compared to the small towns we were used to staying in, Zermatt seemed like Manhattan! At least half of the people walking around had hiking packs (and ice axes)...many others had ski equipment to get in some summer skiing up on the glacier above. It was a great place to end the hike! In all, we hiked about 90 miles, over 11 passes, 30,923 feet up and 26,629 feet down, climbing grades up to 43% in spots, and typically hiked from 8 until 5 every day, all to reach Zermatt...and we'd do it all again! See Part 1 of the Haute Route Photos