Norway Hiking

We spent 5 days in Norway hiking through Jotunheimen National Park. Jotunheimen means "Home of the Giants" as it is the home to Norway's tallest peaks. Most of the park is above treeline (which, at this latitude, is about 3,000 ft) which provided a fairly barren landscape for us to hike through. We had two clear days of hiking and three cloudy/rainy days as we hiked from staffed hut to staffed hut. We had a wonderful time and found the people we met along the way terrific! We hiked over an oft-traveled ridge (Besseggen ridge) - one of the most popular hikes in Norway, hiked through green (and sometimes swampy) valleys, slept on top of a mountain, and hiked down across a glacier (in a driving rain, no less). Click here to see the other photos from the trip in Oslo, Bergen, and Stuttgart (Germany)