Pikes Peak via Barr Trail (14,110 ft)

Barr Trail is long trail up Pikes Peak. Starting in Manitou Springs at 6,600 feet, it climbs 7500 ft up over the course of about 25 miles round trip (27 miles if you have to park a mile away from the trailhead). Our group of 12 decided two nights at Barr Camp was in order, where the camp hosts prepared pancakes and spaghetti for weary travellers and a cabin (full of snorers, unfortunately) allowed us to forgoe packing our tents up the mountain. With two hikers from sea level (one from California, the other from Maryland) and 4 first-time 14er hikers, we managed to get just about everyone up to the summit. It was a great hike, topped by eating a celebratory donut at the summit!