Hut Trip: Peter Estin Hut 2023

Peter Estin is one of the older huts in the 10th Mountain system , built in 1985, and is located south of Eagle.  It sleeps 16 people and is perched close to treeline at 11,200 feet.  We hiked in on the Ironedge Trail from the Yeoman Park trailhead over 5 miles, climbing about 2,140 feet through a twisty forest trail. The weather was clear and windy, and then we were treated to about 6 inches of fresh snow on the day of our hike out. The most excitement we had along the trip was Brian’s binding broke on the rest day (broken toe pin) which made for an adventurous descent (with only about a dozen falls along the way). Thankfully, the snow was forgiving and everyone made it out just fine.

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